The Khodorkovsky Syndrome

In December 2010, entrepreneur Sergei Kolesnikov taking a stand against the evils of Putin’s regime in an open letter to Dmitry Medvedev about the so-called “Putin’s Palace.” Since then, Kolesnikov has continued his mission to spread awareness of the rampant corruption among Russia’s power elite. The Institute of Modern Russia is proud to present an English translation of article by Mr. Kolesnikov that first appeared on his website.

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Audio recording of the presentation by Sergey Kolesnikov at British Parlament, 3rd May 2012:

By kind invitation of Lord Soley, The Henry Jackson Society is pleased to invite you to a discussion with Sergey Kolesnikov, Russian anti-corruption campaigner and whistleblower. Kolesnikov trained as a biophysicist before becoming the head of the Petromed medical equipment manufacturing company which had been commissioned by the Russian government to work on medical infrastructure projects. Through this commission, Kolesnikov became involved in the arrangements to divert funds towards Putins palace, and decided to go public with his story in a letter to President Dmitri Medvedev.

BBC: “Putin’s palace? A mystery Black Sea mansion fit for a tsar.”

On a thickly wooded mountainside overlooking Russia’s Black Sea coast, an extraordinary building has gradually taken shape. It is alleged to be a palace built for the personal use of Vladimir Putin, with massive and illegal use of state funds.

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Putin and corruption in Russia: A Whistleblower’s Story.

One of the most striking characteristics of modern Russia under the reign of Vladimir Putin has been the steady stream of credible allegations of state corruption. U.S. State Department cables from Moscow published by WikiLeaks have characterised Russia as a “virtual mafia state,” and the increased state control of the mainstream media and the undermining of the rule of law has created a culture of impunity in which it is not only disadvantageous, but possibly dangerous, to speak out.

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A Whistleblower’s story: Sergey Kolesnikov speaks to the Henry Jackson.

The Russia Studies Centre, a new initiative at the Henry Jackson Society co-chaired by Michael Weiss and me–was pleased to host its second parliamentary event yesterday, with a lecture by the Russian businessman-turned-whistleblower, Sergey Kolesnikov. Dr Kolesnikov delivered a fascinating speech entitled “Putin and corruption in Russia: a whistleblower’s story” to a filled-to-capacity audience, recounting his personal experiences of high-level corruption in the Russian government.

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Al Jazeera: In search of Putin’s money.

People & Power investigates claims that Russia’s political supremo has amassed a secret multi-billion dollar fortune.

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